Backblaze Review: How Good Is It?

Backblaze Review: How Good Is It?
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Most people have come to understand the practical reasons for backing up data in a secure location. Obviously, it is important to protect data files and digital assets such as movies, pictures and music due to cost issues.

There is also a psychological benefit to having a good data backup system in place. That benefit is called peace of mind. That’s what online cloud storage companies provide people first and foremost, peace of mind.



A Backblaze review shows the company has positioned itself as one of the better cloud storage solutions on the market. It seems to have done this by using a very simple formula. Make the process easy to understand and implement, make it affordable and make it very secure. By doing this, it assures customer loyalty and the development of a good reputation.

It doesn’t take a lot of bells and whistles to satisfy customers. It only takes credibility and reliability, and Backblaze has both.

Backblaze Review – Try It For Free

When reviewing cloud storage companies, it is important to identify the basic strenths and weaknesses found within the product without getting too technical. Most cloud users are simple people who just want to protect their data. They are not IT professionals.

Who Needs Backblaze?

Backblaze is an ideal solution for people that have a lot of digital data to protect, but also have limited IT experience and budget limitations. Backblaze’s security options make it very appealing, and security minded customers should take note.


Backblaze offers enough bells and whistles to make it useful for most individuals, unless they have multiple devices to consider. Most of the features are available with other cloud storage companies, but this package has a lot to offer as a whole.

  • Operating Systems Supported – Mac OS X and most versions of Windows (Vista, 7, 8, XP)
  • Mobile App Platforms Supported – iOS (Android under construction)
  • Backup Options – Multi-device (must have an account for each machine), desktop backup, one backup destination, and restoration options (desktop, mobile apps and flash drive)
  • Security – transfer encryption 256-bit, storage encryption 128-bit AES, personal key option at 2048-bit RSA
  • Backup Frequency – Automatically on a daily basis with an option for customization
  • File Selection – All data is backed up with options for customization with no size limitations, drives and folders automatically identified and excluded
  • Customer Service Options – Email and online reference guide only

Pricing Options

  • Only a one-size-fits-all Plan (per machine) – $5.00 per month: $50.00 one-year payment, $95.00 with two year payment

Pros and Cons

  • Pros – Very easy to use, unlimited file sizes (including during the restoration process), multi-security levels, great pricing
  • Cons – No device syncing, No file-sharing, potential lost data (if individual chooses private encryption key and loses the key), lack of customer service contact options

Factors to Consider

After doing a Backblaze review, it becomes very apparent that the real value to Backblaze lies in its simplicity. The key factors to be considered are:

  • Security – The private encryption key offers an extra level of security not found with other cloud storage providers. Other security measures make this product one of the best in that regard.
  • Pricing – By using one pricing plan per machine/device, it eliminates any confusion.
  • Easy to Use – One of the reasons the customer service options are limited is that the system is so easy to use, customer service is seldom needed.


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