Crashplan Review: What’s With The Hype?

Crashplan Review: What’s With The Hype?
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The world has long been in a era where data is considered a primary asset.

Company owners and even individuals have long sought ways to protect this data. When data is lost, it is lost forever. The time and cost involved in trying to restore or recreate the past is overwhelming.

Today is a different day.

crashplan online backup

Crashplan is one of the current cloud storage facilities that offer companies and individuals options to protect their most valuable asset. Crashplan offers a safe-haven for data. By allowing for multiple ways and places to backup data, companies and individuals are given peace of mind knowing their data is always safe and instantly available.

No matter where or when the data is needed, the information is easily accessible from any device, including mobile phones and tablets. People and companies require much more flexibility than in years gone by.

Crashplan offers unparalleled flexibility.

With no data storage limits, customers are able to save all their data files, pictures, videos and music without concern about volume. With multi-tiered security, the customers are left feeling secure. With mobile access, customers are never far from their information. That’s real flexibility.

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Crashplan reviews should be considered incomplete if they don’t address the real strengths and potential weakness of the product.

Who Needs Crashplan?

This data backup solution is ideal for anyone who has a substantial amount of data that they consider critical to their day-to-day activities.

Crashplan was designed for large companies and active individuals looking for an easy, reliable solution for backing up and protecting data.


Crashplan offers many useful features. While some features are standard across many cloud storage companies, there are some that set Crashplan above the rest.

  • Operating Systems Supported – Mac OS X, Linux, Windows and Solaris
  • Mobile App Platforms Supported – Android, iOS and Windows
  • Backup Options – Multi-device, desktop software, multi-offsite options and restoration options
  • Security – transfer encryption 128-bit AES, storage encryption 448-bit Blowfish, security passwords and sign-ins.
  • Backup Frequency – can be set the customer ranging from every minute to once a day
  • File Size Limits – The only limitations on file size pertain to restoring files, which is limited to 250MB on the desktop only
  • Customer Service Options – Email, Live Chat, phone support, discussion forums on the website, an all-inclusive references guide and video/text tutorials.

Pricing Options

  • Crashplan Unlimited – $5.99 per month: $59.99 one-year payment, $114.99 with two year payment, $189.99 with four-year payment
  • CrashPlan Family Unlimited (up to 10 computers) – $13.99 per month: $149.99 one-year payment, $289.99 with two year payment, $429.99 with four-year payment

Pros and Cons

  • Pros – Flexibility, Mobile access, easy to use
  • Cons – No file-sharing, no device syncing

Factors to Consider

When choosing the right backup plan, it is critical for the customer to determine which features are needed to make the backup process as efficient and useful as possible.

  • Accessibility – People a very transient and are increasing their use of mobile devices. A backup plan has to be easily accessible. With Crashplan, the mobile apps and online support capabilities are very strong. It is possible to access any type of data from literally anywhere in the world.
  • Security – Everyone needs a strong sense their data is secure. While Crashplan’s security features are standard amongst cloud service providers, the fact remains that these features are effective and reliable.
  • Pricing – Crashplan’s pricing plans are extremely competitive within the industry. There is no denying that $4 is very hard to beat.
  • Easy to Use Software – Crashplan’s software has been designed for individuals without IT experience. The company recognizes that its product must be easy to manipulate or customers will stop using it.

crashplan online backup

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