Pogoplug Review: Is This Online Backup Right For You?

Pogoplug Review: Is This Online Backup Right For You?

Unsophisticated users of data are just learning about the value that comes from backing up digital data files online with a cloud storage company. For these types of users, the software must be easy to use and understand, and the pricing has to be affordable. With this in mind, Pogoplug would have to be considered a bare bones option when compared to the top cloud storage providers in the industry.

Pogoplug’s software is certainly easy enough to use. Most tasks can be completed with a click or two of the mouse. They even have a mobile app that gives users device and file portability, which is certainly a valuable commodity.

There are some rather distinct issues with this particular provider that will be discussed later in this Pogoplug cloud review. It would be safe to say that the primary benefits provided by Pogoplug are price and the ability to retrieve backed up digital files from anywhere, at anytime from almost any device.

Pogoplug Review

During a review of Pogoplug’s software capabilities, it became evident that the features that are missing are just as important as the features that are included.

Who Needs Pogoplug?

The sophisticated user is most likely going to be dissatisfied with certain aspects of this product. The product seems best suited for users who are looking to backup and save a bunch of media files and photos without having to commit significant financial resources.

Average people will certainly benefit from the easy-to-use software interface, but the lack of certain security features is something that all prospective users should take into careful consideration.


With most cloud storage providers, there are many bells and whistles offered in order to stay competitive. Pogoplug has chosen to keep things simple and streamlined.

  • Operating Systems Supported – Linux, Mac X OS and all Windows versions
  • Mobile App Platforms Supported – Android and iOS
  • Backup Options – Multi-device, no file versioning, desktop software, and easy-to-use restoration options
  • Security – transfer encryption at 256-bit SSL, but no storage or personal encryption
  • Backup Frequency – automatic scheduled backups with some customization options.
  • File Sharing – The file sharing option is very easy to implement and allows users to share data with as many people as they want with only a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Customer Service Options – Email with 24/7 responses, phone support and Live Chat from 9:00 am est to 9:00 pm est. They also have and online reference guide.

Pricing Options

Unlimited cloud storage space is provided, all under one pricing plan of $4.95 per month or an annual payment of $49.95 per year.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros – Easy-to-use software interface, mobile access from almost any type of device, great pricing, and an easy-to-use file sharing feature.
  • Cons – no device syncing, no storage encryption (all data is stored with Amazon 3. Without storage encryption, the data might be exposed to anyone else who has access to the Amazon 3 servers), no file-versioning (this is usually a standard feature and very important for users who need to refer to prior versions from time-to-time).

Factors to Consider

With so many possible holes in this product, there are two things that prospective users should consider closely.

  • Inability to restore or retrieve prior versions is a significant problem. If data is incorrectly edited and saved, the ability to recall the prior version simply does not exist.
  • Amazon 3 is a huge server farm that services millions of cloud storage clients for many large cloud storage providers. The lack of security encryption for stored data exposes the data to possible theft or misuse. For a lot of users, this could very well be a deal breaker.

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