Reviewed: MyPcBackup – Does It Fit Your Needs?

Reviewed: MyPcBackup – Does It Fit Your Needs?

When looking for a cloud storage provider to use for backing up data and digital data files, it is very easy to become confused. There are so many different providers, and so many difference features and options to be considered.

Prospective users should take the time to understand their own personal needs and try to find providers that meet those needs. The most important thing to determine is how important is it to protect data files from permanent loss?

My PC Backup Review – Try It For Free

MyPcBackup is currently one of the more popular cloud storage providers on the market. The company has earned a reputation for having developed a comprehensive backup program that is considered easy to use, secure, and full of relevant functionality. The following review will be directed at identifying the strengths and weaknesses found in its product.

Who Needs MyPcBackup?

This data backup solution is best suited for individuals who are looking for plenty of features and functionality. Basic users will not be able to derive enough value out of the product based on the pricing model.


While MyPcBackup offers many features, users need to be aware that some of these features are only available at an additional cost.

  • Operating Systems Supported – Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
  • Mobile App Platforms Supported – Android, iOS, Blackberry, Kindle Fire and Windows
  • Backup Options – single-device, desktop software, several different options for selecting which files are backed up, file versioning, multiple restoration options, back up of almost any kind of data or digital data file.
  • Remote Wipe – This feature allows users to wipe out backed up data files on synced devices from remote locations in the case of a device being lost or stolen.
  • Backup Frequency – Backups can be schedule for multiple times a day or automatically once a day at 8:00 pm by default.
  • File Size Limits on Backup and File Syncing – While files of any size can be backed up, file-syncing is another issue. Syncing is permitted to multiple devices, but is limited to 2GB of data. Users can pay to upgrade this limitation to 20GB, but anything above that would require customization.
  • Customer Service Options – Video tutorial and email only. However, several other MyPcBackup reviews have reported that email responses are very quick and reasonable on a consistent basis.

Pricing Options

MyPcBackup offers monthly, semi-annual, annual and 2-year billing options. The following information is based on the 2-year option per machine or device

  • 75GB Plan – $107.71 total ($4.49 per month)
  • 250GB Plan – $118.85 total ($4.95 per month)
  • Unlimited Plan – $166.85 total ($6.95 per month)

Pros and Cons

  • Pros – East-to-use interface, ability to easily select files to be backed up, the remote wipe capability is a great tool for protecting machines and data.
  • Cons – File-versioning is only permitted up to seven versions, after that, there is a cost for allowing more versions to be saved. The unlimited plan is not really unlimited. the storage space is capped at 500GB, unless the user chooses to pay an additional cost. The file size limit on file-syncing can end up being problematic.

Factors to Consider

Before choosing MyPcBackup, a prospective customer needs to consider whether or not some of the extended features are worth paying for if needed.

  • Storing of Edited Files – Users who work a lot with active files such as documents and spreadsheets need to be very careful. If only seven prior versions are going to be stored, the user will be forced to make a decision about purchasing the ability to store more versions, or run the risk of losing important edits.
  • Pricing for Multiple Devices – Since the current prices are per machine, the cost of several machines with the need for syncing of big files could become expensive.

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