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If anyone has ever experienced the pain, frustration and expense associated with losing data and digital data files, they will be the first ones to stand up and state that people should do whatever they can to prevent if from ever happening.

In the past 10 years, cloud storage has become increasingly more popular. People are paying good money to download videos and music. They invest a lot of personal feeling when accumulating photo albums. They invest a lot time and effort creating documents and spreadsheets that require time consuming research.

With everything that’s been invested, offsite cloud storage is the perfect solution to protect data files from being lost forever.

SOS Online Backup Review – Try It For Free

On a summary level, SOS is one of the most complete cloud storage providers on the market today. They may not necessarily be the best at any one particular aspect, but they provide a solid product with many popular and useful features at a fairly reasonable price.

Who Needs SOS?

SOS cloud storage is perfectly suited for a family with multiple computers and mobile devices. One of the great aspect of their plans is that they allow unlimited backup space for an unlimited number of smartphones and tablets. This is becoming an increasingly more attractive selling feature as more people are switching to mobile devices as their primary device. This selling point is not currently available with many of the top cloud storage providers.


While many cloud storage providers offer features that don’t always add value, SOS has created a strong list of features that cover many of the most common requirements expressed by customers.

  • Operating Systems Supported – Mac OS X and Windows
  • Mobile App Platforms Supported – Android and iOS, allows for both reviewing and editing of files
  • Backup Options – Multi-device (5 computers, unlimited mobile devices), desktop software, DVD mail-in backup service and restoration options including the cataloging of prior versions for the life of the account.
  • Security – A unique three tiered security system starts with encryption on the local device, additional encryption is added during file transfer and a final level of 256-bit encryption is added for storage.
  • Backup Frequency – Automatically done daily with a option to customize for more frequency.
  • File Sharing and Syncing – File sharing is facilitated by emailing a link to guests. Users should be aware that once access is granted, the data is eligible for editing by the guest, there are no restrictions. File syncing is allowed between multiple devices.
  • Customer Service Options – Email, Live Chat 9:00 am – 8:00 pm est, phone support for business accounts only.

Pricing Options

  • Personal Cloud – One computer with unlimited mobile devices: $59.99 1-year, $99.99 2-years (additional 4 months free), $129.99 3-years (additional 8 months free)
  • Family Cloud – Up to five computers with unlimited mobile devices: $249.99 1-year, $409.99 2-years (additional 4 months free), $579.99 3-years (additional 8 months free)

Pros and Cons

  • Pros – Large files can be backed up on DVD and mailed into be uploaded, prior versions of edited files are saved for life of the account, ability to edit from mobile apps
  • Cons – Upload and download speed is rather slow, no full system restore capability, customer support is rather limited

Factors to Consider

SOS backup storage provides customers with many things to consider before choosing this particular cloud storage option.

  • Security – SOS has one of the strongest security systems on the market today within this price range. When the user factors in multiple storage sites and onsite security features, they will recognize that their data is as safe as can be.
  • Simplicity of the Interface – Beginners might struggle a little with interface, but savvy IT people will find it extremely easy.
  • Pricing – $50 for 5 computers and unlimited mobile devices is extremely attractive.

SOS Online Backup

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