The Best Online Backup For Mac Explored

The Best Online Backup For Mac Explored

Apple products, especially Mac computers always come with efficient, easy to use backup systems. However, resident backups are always at risk if a hard drive was to become damaged and unrepairable.

In a time when online backups are gaining in popularity, it would be considered prudent for Mac users to consider contracting with a provider for cloud backup for Mac. For a very reasonable fee, Mac users can protect their videos, music, emails, photos and documents.

It is absolutely worth the investment.

While there are literally hundreds of cloud storage providers in the marketplace, there are a few that could be considered the best cloud storage for Mac. The main criteria to consider should include price, reliability, accessibility and security. Here are few providers that provide the best online backup for Mac.

Zipcloud – Try It For Free

Zipcloud is located in the United Kingdom. They provide one of easiest to use interfaces currently on the market.

Primary features include file synchronization, public and private file-sharing options, fully automated backups and unlimited storage space. The system is kept very secure using 256 bit socket layer encryption. One slight negative is that customer service is handled through email only.

Pricing is extremely competitive. The “unlimited” plan offers the best deal as users will get unlimited storage for the low price of $6.95 per month. If the user is willing to commit to multiple years, that price can be made even lower.

Backblaze – Try It For Free

Backblaze (to read our full review – Click Here) is located in California. The company has a reputation for being very professional and reliable.

Its data center is state-of-the-art and its interface is simple to use. Features include automatic/instant backups, complete backups and mirrors for the entire Mac computer, external drive restoration support via mail, unlimited disk space and innovative customer support with issue tracking.

Data is kept secure using 256 bit encryption. Pricing on all plans includes unlimited storage. Customers can go month-to-month for $5.00 per month or commit 1 year for $4.17 per month/2 years for $3.96 per month. – Try It For Free

Justcloud has established a reputation for having one of the best backup systems due the quality of its servers, which assures that the speed of the uploading process is optimum.

Other features include automatic backups, an automatic synchronizing option, file management, file sharing and online restoration capabilities.

The data is kept secure using AES encryption, which is ideal for Mac users. Pricing includes unlimited storage for the price of $9.95 per month or and annual fee of 71.40 ($5.95 per month).

Bitcasa Infinite Storage

If a person wants a secure system for storing data, this is the company to choose. The company uses a high level AES-256 bit encryption, which is probably one of the tops in the industry.

Other features include file sharing, file preview capabilities, synchronizing of multiple devices, drag and drop support and SSL secure data transfer.

To keep things simple, Bitcasa offers to start customers off with a free account allowing for 10GB of storage space. Beyond that, customers can sign up for one year with unlimited storage for an annual fee of $99.00.

LineDrive – Try It For Free

This is another UK based cloud storage provider. The company offers one of the best values in the industry.

The main features include unlimited backup space, up to 5TB of storage for synchronizing, data editing right from web-browser, archiving of 30 days worth of edited data, FTP and WebDAV access and file-sharing capabilities.

The company uses AES-256 encryption system to keep customer’s data secure. Individual account pricing starts at $6 per month with unlimited storage for one machine. For $12 per month, the customer gets to add 2TB of synchronizing space with no limits on number of machines.

Livedrive Cloud Storage

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