Find The Best Small Business CRM With Our Top Picks

Find The Best Small Business CRM With Our Top Picks

Whether a small business owner intends to grow the business or simply maintain a loyal customer base, the key to success is finding reliable methods of anticipating and meeting customer needs.

Many of the tools available to help companies achieve these kinds of goals are directed at medium to large size organizations. However, there are a variety of CRM solutions for small business that can provide the information needed to develop a successful business strategy.

Many of the top CRM for small business provide the same features and depth as those that target larger organizations.

It is incumbent on the small business owner to identify a CRM platform that will best fit their needs. Small companies rely upon repeat business in order to build an expanding customer base. A customer tracking system that tracks sales information and customer service requests is a crucial part of anticipating the needs of the customer.

In most cases, that should be the intended goal of every business. The ability to produce effective mass-marketing is also a key ingredient. CRM software platforms are designed to aid in these endeavors.

Best CRM for Small Business 2014

In order to help business owners and managers find the best small business CRM, small business CRM reviews should try to help identify the features that set a particular provider above the others. These same small business software reviews should take into account the factors most relevant to the small business environment, namely price and accessibility. Here are a few of best CRMs for small businesses.


Infusionsoft delivers all of the standard CRM functionality that is found with providers that focus on larger companies.

That, alone, gives the client a basis for growth in the future. One unique feature found in this platform in called “visual campaign mapping”. This feature allows a company to automatically send out marketing information to predefined groups with nothing more than a drag-and-drop scheduling device.

The platform also provides strong sales and customer service tracking analysis, plus an easy-to-use custom report writer to decipher the data.


  • The higher priced plans have access to an integrated e-commerce module that allows customer to sell online.
  • Infusionsoft offers one-on-one personalized customer service to assist with implementation.


  • Infusionsoft is not one of the cheaper options. The base “Essentials” plan is priced at $199 per month, limited to three users, 2,500 contacts and 12,500 emails.
  • No mention of social media integration.


For small companies with a dynamic sales cycles, Velocify offers a comprehensive CRM software platform option.

The single most important factor that sets this platform above so many other providers is the real-time processing feature that allows for sales and customer decisions to be made in quick fashion. The system allows for marketing and sales automation that helps drive leads with lightning quick speed.

Extra features such as inbound call handling and lead-routing from phone activity help to create an organized sales environment. Overall, the platform focuses on sales and marketing efficiencies and analysis. Pricing is done by online quote based on users and functionality.


  • The software for both computers and mobile devices is compatible with most popular operating systems including Linux, iOS, Windows and Android.
  • The combination of the lead initiating and tracking components are designed well enough to keep sales departments well-organized.


  • The customization tools are very limited, forcing users to adapt to what is provided in many cases.


The real strength found in Contactually is the focus on customer interaction.

While the software platform offers a comprehensive CRM tool, the concentration on communicating with customers on a regular basis makes this the ideal platform for small sales forces that prefer to maintain an intimate relationship with customers.

The automatic follow-up reminder is a nice tool to make sure customers are contacted on a regular basis. Also, all customer communication is accounted for in the customer service tracking component, whether is was initiated by social media, phone, email or personal visit.

The other benefit that comes with the software is the ability to integrate with other CRM sales tracking modules should the client have concerns about average module offered by this company. The pricing on the Small Business is a reasonable $36 per month per user.


  • The bulk messaging tool allows for up to 50 messages a day.
  • The user interface is very easy to learn and understand, eliminating much of the need for customization.


  • The platform in still relatively new and multiple bugs have been reported, primarily in the automated emailing feature.
  • Lack of strength in the sales tracking module.

Choosing the Right Small Business CRM Platform

As most CRM for small business reviews will point out, many of the CRM platforms discussed will have a singular primary focus such as customer interaction.

Business owners always have the option of trying to scale down some of the larger packages, but they may lose some functionality in the process. Many of the best CRMs for small business tend to keep things simple and affordable. They do this because they have learned that simplicity is essential for small business owners who can’t afford an IT department to look after software functionality.

Small business are not looking for scalability, they are much more interested in reliability. As long as a basic comprehensive product is available, the small business owner is free to identify the provider that focuses on the same aspect of a business as the particular owner does.

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