Guide To The Best Free CRM Software And Free CRM Tools

Guide To The Best Free CRM Software And Free CRM Tools

Even the smallest of manufacturers and retailers need to focus on sales and customer service.

If a company is a start-up business, the chances are that they are operating on a restrictive budget. That doesn’t mean they can’t make great use of a web-based Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) solution. In fact, small business owners may be able to accelerate the company’s growth if they have access to the tools that can make tracking customer contact more efficient and effective.

The reality is that free contact management software has the ability to help organizations of any size.

Before smaller companies are faced with hard decisions about IT needs, a free CRM software solution could solve problems before they arise. Of course, any free CRM tools will certainly come with restrictions that a business owner must consider. However, any customer management software free gives a business owner time to make proper determinations about IT needs into the future without financial risk.

The key is to locate a freeware CRM provider that makes sense and provides as much capacity as the company needs without having to consider costly upgrades or changes.

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Best Free CRM Software

By way of comparison, free CRM online providers need to be evaluated based on the features included in the offer, plus the capacity allowed by each of the CRM free providers. Using that criteria, here are a few free CRM plans to consider.

1) Really Simple Systems

The RSS free account is limited to two users, 100 business accounts and only 100 MB of storage (to learn more about the program click here).

This would be ideal for a small manufacturing business that services a limited customer base, but initiates a lot of contact with each customer. The unlimited number of contacts makes the free offer relevant in that regard.

The free package includes limited customization without support, a basic mobile app, report writer and custom reporting, along with a sales and lead tracking module. The upgraded accounts are classified as pay-as-you-go, which could get expensive when you consider the $15 per user per charge plus additional charges for various functionality.


  • For a small sales staff who interacts often with customers, the unlimited contacts feature is very attractive.
  • The ability to write customized reports is difficult to find with a free account.


  • The storage limitations could force a small business into an upgrade, which might become price prohibitive.
  • The free plan offers no access to any part of the marketing module.

2) Bitrix24

For a free account, Bitrix24 (from UK) offers a significant amount of storage (5GB) and number of users allowed (12), enough to run a mid-sized business.

The number of contacts is not indicated on the site, but given the generous storage space, it might be safe to assume that contacts are unlimited. The free account is given access to the sales module including automation services, full access to the reporting function, social networking access and a mobile app platform.

The marketing functions are not included without upgrading. The upgrade price of $1,271 for an annual licensing fee could be a bit pricy unless a company has enough users and activity to make it cost-effective.

That said, the free account offer should be substantial enough to run a small, rather active business.


  • The storage and user limitation far exceed those offered by most other free CRM providers
  • Full access to the sales module and report writer make for a great package if marketing is unnecessary.


  • The free account comes with no customer support.
  • No access to a marketing feature.

3) Zoho CRM

As free base CRM solutions go, Zoho provides one of the most extensive packages.

The free account is limited to only 250MB of storage space, but allows up to three users and 5,000 contacts. Most free accounts have substantially stricter limitation on users and contacts making this CRM attractive for small businesses with a couple of salespersons who service a lot of customers without much interaction.

The offer allows for two email templates for marketing, integration with Facebook and Twitter and the standard reporting package, all included with a basic sales tracking module. Free clients can upgrade to the Standard account for only $12 per user per month. The upgrade gives access to more marketing features plus the full range of documents and analytics.


  • By allowing the email function, small clients can put together a minimal marketing campaign.
  • The upgrade price is very reasonable, giving the client enough of a CRM system to run a mid-sized business and sales staff.


  • The storage space is very limited, which requires the client to be very cautious about what data is being accumulated

4) Insightly

For a good middle-of-the-road web-based CRM provider, Insighly offers a fairly attractive free account for small businesses with a limited staff.

The account is limited to three users, 2,500 contacts, 200MB of storage and 10 custom fields. Clients receive the full customer contact management module, mobile apps and integration with Google apps, report writer and unlimited customer support.

They will also have access to the social media feature. An upgrade is available (no upgrade fee charged) for only $7 per user, if paid on an annual basis, $9 billed monthly.


  • The upgrade price is very attractive for a company that is projecting business growth in the near future.
  • The unlimited customer support is much more generous than that offered by other providers.


  • No marketing features are included.
  • The 2,500 contacts limitations is a bit restrictive for an active retail business.

Choosing a Free Web-based CRM Provider

The most important issue that needs to be considered before choosing a free web-based CRM provider is the business owner’s intent.

If they intend to take advantage of the free account on a long-term basis, it is very important to find a free account option that offers enough capacity and feature access to run the business effectively for the duration.

Start-up companies that anticipate significant growth will want to focus on upgrade charges and pricing to make sure they can afford upgrading when the time comes. If they anticipate upgrading, they may what to choose a provider that offers some of the functionality they will need in future within the free package to eliminate the need to upload offline data.

Finally, a mid to large size company that is just investing time on a trial basis while looking for a solution, it might be efficient to choose a provider with a strong reputation and extensive CRM solution.

For More Information On Our Top Choices:

Really Simple Systems (Click Here)

Bitrix24 (Click Here)



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