Free Cloud Storage Providers – Find The Cheapest Cloud Storage Options

Free Cloud Storage Providers – Find The Cheapest Cloud Storage Options

In a highly competitive industry, companies sometimes resort to offering incentives to draw customers. The cloud storage industry is faced with this phenomenon.

There are many providers in the marketplace today. While many do offer some unique features that draw interest, the truth is that many cloud storage providers offer quite similar baseline products. One of the most common ways they attempt to distinguish themselves from the competition is through pricing.

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Free Cloud Storage Providers

Cloud storage providers need to draw customers to its product. One of the most competitive target groups is the individual who is looking for a backup solution that will be able to protect their digital data files including photos, musics files, videos and games.

In order to attract this group, many cloud storage providers offer to start new customers off with free storage space. In many cases, this space is adequate enough to meet the storage needs of the average music or movie enthusiast.

However, the prospects of finding free unlimited cloud storage is becoming a thing of the past. If an individual needs/wants additional storage space, they can purchase it under one of the provider’s subscription plans.

Cheapest Cloud Storage Providers

In performing an online storage review for the cheapest cloud storage providers, both the free storage space offers and the subscriptions plans will be used as criteria for purposes of comparison.

The most effective method of comparison would seem to be price per GB based on the free storage space plus the pricing on the most expensive annual subscription plan for each provider.

Note: This comparison assumes all features, security and customer support are equal. It is incumbent upon the user to investigate these factors to further determine a provider’s viability.

#1. PC World Knowhow ($.06 per GB)

While this provider does not offer free storage space, the price for 500GB at $32 per year is very hard to beat. They provide automatic backups, military grade security, compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry, file-sharing and file-syncing.

#2. ADrive ($.28 per GB) – Click Here To Learn More

ADrive offers the largest amount of free storage space at 50GB. Its premium plan is priced at 200GB for $7.00 per month or $70.00 per year. The service offers file-sharing and syncing, storage of file versions, SSL encryption for security and 24/7 customer service support. The product is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac and most mobile apps.

#3. Amazon Cloud ($.42 per GB)

Amazon Cloud offers 5GB free with a high level annual plan that gives 500GB for $212. It is very clear that this provider focuses on media files. The ability to catalog all MP3 files is one of its best features. There is also a built-in MP3 player. The product does not offer file sharing and only works in conjunction with Adobe Flash, which eliminates iOS and Windows phone. SSL encryption is used for security.

#4. OneDrive ($.48 per GB)

Formerly known as Microsoft’s SkyDrive. This provider offers a free 7GB to get started with annual plan of 200GB for $100. This product requires a Windows Live account. It is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Features include file-sharing (with editing capabilities), file-syncing, easy-to-use interface and SSL encryption security.

#5. Google Drive ($.49 per GB)

Google Drive starts new users off with a free 5GB. The user can choose to upgrade to the 400GB plan for $197 per year. The product is compatible with PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and particularly strong with Android. The software features include file-sharing with real-time editing capabilities and permission options, automatic syncing and data is protected with encryption, but no password protection is available.

#6. Sugarsync ($.65 per GB) – Try It For Free

Sugarsync provides 5GB of free space (Read Our Full Review Here). The largest subscription plan offers 500GB for $326 per year. One of this providers best features is real-time backups. They offer version history (up to five versions), file-sharing with editing, file-syncing and online collaboration options. Compatible with Mac, PC, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

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