Learn About The Best Cloud Storage For Photos

Learn About The Best Cloud Storage For Photos

Whether a person is a professional photographer or a novice taking pictures of their kids, photos can absorb a lot of memory on people’s devices.

The best solution for this problem is cloud storage.

Cloud storage was tailor made for people to store photos online. Photos are easy to transmit over the internet and easy to catalog, store and share.

The key for most people who want to use cloud storage for their photos is finding the best cloud photo storage options. There are three issues that most people find crucial; accessibility, reliability and cost. People want to be able to retrieve and share their photos at all times, they want them well protected, and they want all of this at a competitive price.

The Best Cloud Storage Options for Photos

There are hundreds of viable cloud storage providers in the marketplace. Based on the criteria mentioned above, here are a few of the best cloud storage for photos available.

DropBox – See How Dropbox Stacks Up Against Sugarsync & Skydrive

Dropbox provides highly diversified services. It works with all applications including the very popular photo application “Photoshop”.

While Dropbox is compatible with the most common operating systems like iOS, Microsoft windows, Android and Mac OS X, it is also one of the few providers that link well with Linux and Blackberry’s operating system.

Dropbox offers a free 2GB account to get people started.

By using a file folder format, users are able to quickly locate their data. As a courtesy, Dropbox allows customers to edit their data and they keep a copy of the prior versions for 30-days in a backup file.

The monthly cost of a basic account is only $9.99 per month for 100GB with several different promotions that can help bolster the amount of allotted storage. The personal plan offers 500GB for $49.99 per month (file size is limited to 300MB). The company’s two-step user authentication system combined with 256 bit encryption helps to make this site amongst the safest in the industry.

JustCloud – Try It For Free

JustCloud owes its popularity to two important factors, price and flexibility.

At a price of only $4.49 per month for a personal account, this provider’s services fit into anyone’s budget. The personal option comes with 75GB of storage space with a generous file size limit of 10GB. An upgrade to JustCloud’s “Enterprise” account will cost the customer a very competitive $49.99 for 500GB. Security features include SSL secured data transfer and 256 bit encryption.

As far as services are concerned, the company’s entire process is among the easiest to use on the market. Its system is compatible with most operating system including Linux and customers will enjoy the flexibility and ease of file-sharing and the automated synchronized backups.

Google Drive

Being linked to a ISP giant has it’s advantages. Google Drive starts off all its new customers with a free 15GB of storage space if they open up a Google account.

Google has already linked all its services under one user ID. Therefore, people who have been using G-mail or Google calender are already entitled to the 15GB. If customers want more storage, the different account levels are priced very low.

In fact, customers can sign-up for 1 TB for only $9.99 per month. Customers who use Google Music are allowed to store up to 20,000 songs for free and pictures with a resolution of 2048×2048 or lower will not count toward storage limits.

Google Drive’s software is compatible with all operating systems and devices. Google Drive offers competitive features such as file-sharing and great customer service. Data encryption is 128-bit AES and its backup redundancy is amongst the best in the industry.

SugarSync – Try It For Free Or Read The Full Review

Because of its low file size limit of 100MB, SugarSync works particularly well on smaller types of digital data such as photos and songs. With a very intricate backup system, SugarSync has established a stellar reputation for reliability. File and folder sharing is very easy to setup and use. Security features include constant backups and 256 bit encryption. Its system works well with all devices except those using Linux.

SugarSync’s pricing includes a basic account for $7.49 per month with 60GB of storage or a Personal account at $55.00 per month with 1TB of storage.

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